About Dr. Mikio Matsuoka

    BA, Soka University, Hachioji, 1984 (Education)
    PhD, Tokyo University, 2004 (Nichiren Buddhism and Social Philosophy)

    Entered Nichiren Shoshu priesthood, 1986
    Assigned to Taiseki-ji Fuji Gakurin Library, 1988
    Established Association of Youthful Priests for the Reformation of Nichiren Shoshu, 1992
    Researcher, Doctrinal Studies, Institute of Oriental Philosophy (current)
    Visiting Professor, Higashi Nihon International University (current)

    Development of Nichiren Buddhism in the Context of Social Thought, Tokyo University, 2005
    Ten Scholarly Criticisms of Nikken Abe’s Buddhist Study, Fuji School Research Committee, 2005
    Re-reading Modern Japanese Thought, (co-author), Risosha, 2002
    Publicity from a Religious Perspective, (co-author), Tokyo University, 2006
    Modern Funerals Conducted by Friends, (co-author), Institute of Oriental Philosophy, 2006